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and would have vacated the place after the incident. Rental agents or house owners, who facilitated accommodation to them, may disclose information to the police.

Police would identify vendors, rental agents and house owners after arresting the blast accused.

At that time, appropriate legal action would be initiated against them for their deliberate act of hiding crucial information related to a terror act.

Mr. Rao said that only the front portion of the bicycle was found at A1 Mirchi Centre abutting Anand Tiffin Centre near Konark theatre after the blast.

The main frame, handle bar, bumpers and fork belonged to Atlas company and they appeared to be very old, he said.

New tube

The front rim was of old Usha make, while the front tyre was of Ganga manufactured in April 2012 and the make of front tube was of Gamra (Ganga), manufactured in October 2012. Though the rear rim was of Atlas make, it was not original. Rear tyre was of Ganga make manufactured in April 2012.

The tube was also a new one, but the make could not be determined as it was broken into pieces.

Chain was of heavy duty KW make of England. It is learnt that this product was available in the market three years ago but subsequently stopped due to its high price.

Free wheel was of Longman make, while pedals were of Amul make and front and rear brake sets were of Hero make.

Upper and bottom fork cups were replaced recently with BM make cups and they were not fixed properly, may be due to the lack of expertise, he added.