Water bodies in three villages of Sangareddy mandal restored

Innovative programmes like rainwater harvesting for irrigation and efficient use of water have changed the life of farmers in the Sangareddy Mandal of Medak district. An initiative by the PepsiCo India, which has a large plant at Pothireddypally Chowrasta here, of cleaning the water tanks in three villages of the Mandal -- Kashipur, Cheriyal and Kothlapur -- is helping the farmers reap the benefits of a second crop where they could not even think of an assured yield for first crop.

Farmers in Medak district are completely dependent on rainfed cultivation. A large number of tanks in the district are defunct due to various reasons, including accumulated silt, non-clearance of channels and not enough rainfall that would increase the groundwater table. But here in these three villages, some farmers can now dare to think about second crop.

Some of the farmers of Kashipur, Cheriyal and Kothlapur in Sangareddy mandal are happy as the water level in borewells has considerably increased giving them some hope. Removing the silt and clearing channels are said to be the main reasons for increasing the groundwater table.

“Though water was not flowing from these tanks, the increase in the pond storage capacities has helped the borewells nearby yield more water for our crops even during the distress period. The situation is far better now as compared to earlier when we were unable to think about even the first crop,”said Pedda Chandraiah, a farmer from this village. He said that about 600 acres of land in these villages has benefited after the restoration of these three tanks. The project was initiated by PepsiCo India, which has a large plant at Pothireddypally Chowrasta. According to PepsiCo India Chairman Manu Anand, the project interventions revolved around twin planks - rainwater harvesting for irrigation and value-added support through self help groups (SHGs) for efficient use of water and income generation. “Due to increased availability of water in non-monsoon months, the farmers can now plant an additional crop thus increasing their income by Rs 15,000 per acre,” Mr. Manu Anand said.

“Due to increased availability of water in non-monsoon months, farmers can now plant one more crop”