Communist Party of India (Marxist) Polit Bureau member and national leader Sitaram Yechury has called upon people to vote for secular and Left parties so that such an alliance can usher in alternative policies for inclusive development.

Addressing a meeting at the Sundaraiah Vignana Kendra in support of 10 CPI (M) candidates contesting from the GHMC area here on Tuesday, Mr. Yechury said that the question uppermost in people’s mind was whether the next government would be able to improve their lives and promise a better future for youth. To tackle rising unemployment, declining development and increasing financial burden, the nation needs alternative policies where the government can invest in building infrastructure in all sectors and kick-start the economy to generate jobs for youth instead of giving it away in the form of concessions to corporates.

“There is no difference between the corrupt Congress and communal BJP as they both pursued policies that would profit corporates and not people’s lives,” he said.

Emphasising on amity and peace in Hyderabad to attract new investments and industries, he said Left and secular parties alone would fight regional and communal divide.