Hundreds of people were glued to television sets in Srikakulam district on Thursday as they were keen on the recommendations of the Srikrishna Committee. Officials, professors, lecturers, executives and even common people were seen discussing the recommendations. It has become the hot topic, virtually stalling the work in majority of the offices in the district.

People of the district, who were more worried about the future of their family members settled in Hyderabad and surrounding places, heaved a sigh of relief after the report was made public.

It is estimated that more than one lakh people from Srikakulam district settled in Hyderabad and surrounding places.

According to their observation, the State may not be divided as north Andhra's backwardness was also mentioned in the report.

So, the backwardness of any region will not be the criteria for the creation of separate state in future.

A retired English lecturer Kolluru Bangarraju said: “Compared to other districts, many people who migrated to Hyderabad are from Srikakulam. So, it is the responsibility of the government to protect their livelihood and opportunities. Luckily, Srikrishna Committee had favoured continuance of Unified Andhra Pradesh.”

“Hyderabad was developed due to the efforts of all regions. It is providing livelihood to hundreds of families of Srikakulam. They cannot get jobs here at this juncture. So, the government should accept the sixth and final recommendation of the Srikrishna Committee,” T. Mohini, co-ordinator of Praja Rajyam Party and S. Mustak Mohammad, State organising secretary of PRP. “We are always in favour of Unified Andhra Pradesh since it would ensure special recognition for Telugus in the country. Development is possible only in big states like Andhra Pradesh,” said K. Eswaramma, an advocate.