Gora Science Centre director G. Niyanta has called upon people of the city to cooperate with the authorities concerned in avoiding use of plastic carry bags in the interests of the environment.

Stating that the government had banned use of carry bags below 40 microns, Mr. Niyanta said everybody should take precautions in proper disposal of these bags as these were causing untold problems to the environment. The youth and students should be greatly involved in addressing this problem of prevention of use of these carry bags and also in proper disposal. Mr. Niyanta deplored that it was the carry bags that caused severe obstructions in the flow of drains and the recent overflowing and choking of drains in One Town was mainly because of this. He sought the involvement of all civil society members and youngsters to prevent grave dangers from the unchecked use of plastic carry bags.

Temperatures rose by a degree due to an increase in quantity of CO2 released in atmosphere up to 370 billion tonnes last year, which was against the normal yearly release of 60 to 90 billion tonnes, Mr. Niyanta said.