At 14.5 metres, river flows above the danger mark

The Penganga river, a major tributary of Godavari flowing along the border of Adilabad district and Maharashtra, has brought misery to people once again within a span of a week. Having breached its banks at several places, the flood water has inundated thousands of hectares of agricultural land in villages located on its bank, along a stretch of about 100 km.

At 14.5 metres, the river was flowing above the danger mark at the inter-State road bridge near Dollara village in Jainad mandal.

The discharge of water was of the quantum of over 3 lakh cusecs and over 1 tmc per hour since it came into spate the previous evening.

The river came into spate following huge releases of flood water from some irrigation projects located upstream in Maharashtra. Besides, tens of local streams which are flooded owing to excessive rainfall in the last two days and release of flood waters from small irrigation projects, have also breached their banks to submerge standing crops.

Scores of villages in the Revenue mandals of Tamsi, Jainad, Bela and Sirpur (T) were cut off as water from Penganga flooded important road links.

The river, which joins the Pranahita in the north-eastern border of Adilabad, also caused much damage to standing crops in the Revenue mandals of Koutala, Bejjur, Bheemini, Vemanpally and Kotapally and cutting off several villages.

The road link to Bejjur and Koutala mandals from Kagaznagar town via Penchikalpet was also closed for vehicular traffic for some time due to extensive damage to roads. Personnel from the National Disaster Response Force help villagers cross the Tatichettuvagu stream at Tonkini in Sirpur (T) for them to reach Koutala mandal.

Meanwhile, a few places like Ichoda, Mamda and Sirpur (U) received rainfall in excess of 11 cm for the 24 hours ending 8 a.m. on Wednesday.

Gudihatnoor received the highest rainfall of nearly 14 cm while the district recorded almost double the 449 cm of normal rainfall so far during the season.