A youth was beaten up by a group of local residents when he allegedly tried to film the inmates of a BC girls’ hostel on his mobile phone while they were taking bath in Yellendu town on Thursday. The youth was identified as K. Naveen, 22, a salesman in a footwear shop in the coal town.

The incident created a flutter in the hostel being run by the Backward Classes Welfare Department. Sources said that Naveen allegedly scaled the compound wall of an old building adjoining the rented hostel building near Kalasi Basti while some of the inmates were taking bath in the morning. On noticing him, the girls raised an alarm following which the local residents apprehended the youth and beat him up severely.

Activists of a student organisation reportedly paraded the youth on the road before handing him over to the local police on the charge of trying to capture the photographs of the girl students on his cell phone. CPI (ML-ND) mandal secretary T. Nageswara Rao demanded that the authorities ensure better amenities at the hostel and foolproof safety of the inmates. When contacted, Backward Classes Welfare Officer Venkatnarsaiah said the rented building had the requisite facilities, including three bathrooms and three toilets.

The hostel staff accompanied by the local residents caught Naveen after being alerted by the inmates, he said, adding that there were no pictures in Naveen’s cell phone.

Accused thrashed, paraded on road, and then handed over to the police