Rayala Chandrasekhar, Head of Department, Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, Sri Vishnu Dental College here has said academic stress is causing serious oral health disorders in children. The department organised a programme, providing an interface between the parents, students and teachers from government schools surrounding the town and the paediatric dentists at the college as part of observing the Pedodontists’ Day and the Children’s Day on Wednesday. The students were engaged in studies in school and at home as well for nearly 12 hours a day at a stretch. The stress caused by overloading of academics, in turn, resulted in a drop in saliva production leading to tooth decay and retardation, Dr. Chandrasekhar observed. He stressed on the role of teachers in promoting oral health in students. In this connection, he presented a live demonstration on brushing techniques.

Dr. Chandrasekhar advised the parents to focus on dental care among infants during the formative stage lasting for two years so as to protect milk teeth.