R. Jagadeeswara Rao

VISAKHAPATNAM: The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) has chalked out a plan to create ‘dustbin-free models’ in the Corporation.

The project will be taken up on a pilot basis and initially six wards (from 6 to 11) in the Corporation will be covered. The concept was to collect garbage at the households, segregate the organic and inorganic material at the source itself, transport it to the processing units by motorised vehicles, and after pulverisation, prepare vermi compost through worms. This will not only ensure clean environment, but ultimately result in bringing down expenditure of the Corporation.

The scheme is proposed to be entrusted to a non-governmental organisation, ‘Envirosyz’. The Corporation has already procured 13 motorised vehicles and seven more will be necessary. Before launching the scheme some time in the second week of August, awareness, through pamphlets, hoardings, etc., is proposed to be created among people about it. There are about 31,000 households in the six wards proposed to be covered under the scheme. The garbage to be collected is of two methods, recyclable material like paper, metal and organic material like kitchen waste, vegetable peelings etc. Two types of dustbins—one red (for inorganic material) and the other green (for organic material) will be kept at the households. If it is an apartment, a big dustbin will be provided. Each family would have to pay a nominal amount of Rs.10 a month. Each ward has a population of about 25,000 and the total quantity of garbage is expected to be about 60 tons. This would be marketed after bailing.

At present, the expenditure for the Corporation in the six wards on sanitation is nearly 6.80 lakhs a month. The Corporation has a garbage processing unit in Seethammadhara. The scheme is proposed to be extended to all wards in a phased manner.