Special Correspondent

KURNOOL: The supporters of CPI, led by State committee member K. Ramakrishna, formed a human chain here on Thursday urging the authorities to give pattas to all families in the city who squatted on the government land.

The CPI supporters formed human chain from the headquarters of CPI at Satpagiri Nagar to the Collectorate, where a meeting was held.

Mr. Ramakrishna accused the Congress party of making hollow promises on house pattas since it came to power in the state. He called upon public to agitate for finding a solution to their problems since no government was sympathetic towards them.

The TDP and Congress were making tall promises on the eve of election while they had no answer for house site pattas issue.

On the other hand, the government eagerly alloting land to Special Economic Zones (SEZs). Also, the government was reluctant to give ration cards to all the needy, Mr. Ramakrishna said.

District secretary Ramanjaneyulu, Bhimlingappa, Ramachandraiah said the officials were also indifferent to the issues of the poor.