Special Correspondent

District witnessed acute drought and unprecedented floods and the helicopter crash of YSR

All major crops of kharif season badly affected with no rains for three months

Property worth an estimated Rs 5,000 crore destroyed in floods in the district

KURNOOL: The outgoing year has left deep scars on Kurnool district with major incidents that attracted the nation-wide attention happening here.

The unprecedented flood to Tungabhadra, Krishna and Hundri rivers on October 2 and 3, crashing of helicopter that carried former Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy on September 2 in the Nallamala forest, acute drought before the floods and State division tensions shook the district.

One-third of the district covering 200 villages and two major towns (Kurnool and Nandyal) reeled under the worst-ever flood on October 2 and 3. Over 12 lakh population was affected.

In all, 40 villages were completely washed away requiring reconstruction. The villages on the bank of Tungabhadra river bore the brunt as the river surged up to one kilometre from its bank and inundated fields and homes.

Tungabhadra river recorded a flood of 9.5 lakh cusecs as against its normal capacity of 3.5 lakh cusecs. The Krishna river too received the flood around the same time putting pressure on the Srisailam reservoir which was full to the brim. The reservoir received an inflow of 24.5 lakh cusecs as against the discharge capacity of 11 lakh cusecs.

According to an estimate property worth Rs 5,000 crore was destroyed in the flood in the district and around 2 lakh households were affected. The traders and businessmen in Kurnool city were badly affected.

Kurnool district remained the epicentre for a month when former Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy and four others were killed in a helicopter crash in the Nallamala forest on September 2. The whole administration and police force was engaged in the search and rescue operations. A horde of VIPs made a beeline to Pavuralagutta where the copter came down to pay homage to the VIP as well as to have a glimpse of the place and its surroundings.

Before the two events, the district reeled under the worst drought. All major crops of kharif season were badly affected with no rains for three months. When the officials were assessing the crop damage, the two major events diverted the attention.

The turmoil caused by State division demand also rocked Kurnool district along with other places. However, the resident of Kurnool district who were tired of the events participated on a low key in the Samaikyandhra protest.