Telangana leaders urged to stop agitation for separate statehood

A majority of leaders from Srikakulam district on Thursday welcomed the Srikrishna Committee's report while asking Telangana leaders to stop agitations for separate statehood as it was proved that north coastal region was also one of the most backward areas of the State with the committee's observations.

Former Union Minister Kinjarapu Yerrannaidu said that unified Andhra Pradesh was the best option as per the report of Srikrishna Committee. “Division of the State is not at all good for any region. And it has been proved once again with the report. However, utmost care has to be taken by establishing an exclusive constitutional mechanism to develop backward areas of the State,” Mr. Yerrannaidu added.

Palavalasa Karunakar of Praja Rajyam Party urged the Telangana Rasthra Samiti and student unions of Telangana region to shun violence in the interests of the people. “We will continue to have more bargaining power with 42 Lok Sabha members and 18 Rajya Sabha members if the State is not divided.” Srikrishna Committee's report reflected the stand of PRP on Unified Andhra Pradesh. Bharatiya Janata Party State executive member Paidi Venugopalam asked the UPA government to come out with a political solution in the wake of submission of Srikrishna Committee report to the government. “Prolonged agitations are not good for any region. So, the ruling Congress should make its stand clear and take a final decision as six options were available with the recommendations of Srikrishna Committee,” he added.

Srikakulam Bar Association, which is in favour of Unified Andhra Pradesh, said the committee's report proved that a majority of the people were against bifurcation of the State. Association former president V. Krishnachand said there was no need to bifurcate the State as backwardness was observed in all the regions during the visit of Srikrishna Committee.

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