Guidelines to be issued to those maintaining parking lots

The use of parking lots in the city for abandoning vehicles that have either been stolen or used for various types of offences has come to light. Commissioner of Police N. Madhusudhana Reddy said six two-wheelers, a majority of them motorcycles, left for an extended period in the parking lots of the Pundit Nehru Bus Station (PNBS) Railway Station have been brought to the notice of the police.

Mr. Reddy said there was a suspicion that these vehicles were either stolen or used in offences like chain snatching or crimes of a more grievous nature.

Investigation was on to trace the owners of the vehicles, he said.

He said guidelines would be issued to those maintaining parking lots to keep a close watch on vehicles left in the lots for extended periods and report the same to the police.

About steps being taken to streamline traffic in the city Mr. Reddy said mobile traffic units had been assigned to sections of roads that were prone to congestion and jams. These flying squads would go quickly to the traffic snarl location and ensure free flow. Junctions where the free flow of traffic was being hampered would also be improved to ensure that less time was needed for traffic to cross them.

Mr Reddy said traffic awareness programmes will be conducted in schools to educate children.