The Pension Parishad has decided to make pension entitlements an election issue. Its representatives on Tuesday submitted a petition to political parties urging them to include universalisation of pension in their manifestos.

Delegations of 10 people, each comprising representatives of the Parishad from different States and the elderly, met leaders of the Bahujan Samaj Party, the CPI(M), the Samajawadi Party and the Aam Admi Party.

The pension amount should be either Rs. 2,000 or half of minimum wages, whichever is higher, demands the Parishad. Currently, the Centre provides a pension of Rs. 200 a month to those who are in the BPL category.

Also, pension should be indexed to inflation so that the sum will keep pace with inflation every six months.

For the poor, elections are the only time to centre stage their concerns,” Pension Parishad member Nikhil Dey told The Hindu .

Towards February-end, it would hold discussions with various leaders to ensure that pension matters were accurately represented in manifestos.