What was rubbished as ‘meaningless talk by a drunkard' eventually turned out to be the crucial clue in busting the racket of abducting boys for sale in old city.


The father of Reshma Sultana, who was arrested along with her husband and two associates on Thursday in the abduction racket, came to Madannapet police station a couple of times in an inebriated condition, accusing her daughter of selling boys.

“He used to allege that Sultana was kidnapping boys and making money by selling them. Initially, that seemed far-fetching,” the police said.

As Sultana's father repeated this act several times before police station after getting heavily drunk, a Sub-Inspector of Madannapet police station, S. Raghavendra, ‘interrogated' the old man. The SI felt there was some basis behind the allegations. Meanwhile, the higher-ups too assigned him the task of pursuing the pattern of increasing number of boy missing cases. Putting together the leads given by Sultana's father, the SI caught members of the gang and went to the families who purchased the boys from the gang.

The ‘parents' were unwilling to send the boys with the police. Surprisingly, even the boys refused to come to city with the police party.

“Since they were abducted four to five years ago, the boys forgot names of their original parents and strongly believed the ones bringing up them as their parents,” the police said. The ‘parents', who purchased and adopted the boys, got admitted them in good schools.

One boy had a problem related to kidneys.

A woman who adopted him sold off everything she had and spent Rs.3 lakh for his medical treatment. Police had tough time convincing the adopted parents to bring the boys back to Hyderabad.

“Many of them fell at our feet weeping urging us not to take away the boys. In one case, even sarpanch of a village wept while the kids were being separated from the parents,” the police said.