Paramita educational institutions chairman E. Prasada Rao said that they would implement the Finland system of education in their institutions very soon.

Mr. Prasada Rao visited Finland as part of an educational tour conducted by the Chennai-based EZ education from January 21 to 28 to study the functioning of schools in the country.

Impressed by its teacher and student friendly method of teaching, the Paramita educational institutions in Karimnagar town decided to adopt the system for the benefit of the student community.

Homework clubs

Addressing the newsmen here on Thursday, he said that they have decided to start special homework clubs to help poor and average students to complete their homework in the school under the guidance of teachers. “We will ensure that there will be book reading by the students and teachers regularly. We will also implement the project concept to help the students learn the subject through practice,” he said.

By following the Finland concept of education, he said that they would widen the learning process instead of focusing only on examinations.

Stress-free home

“We will allow the students to learn instead of teachers conducting the classes,” he said and added that they would also involve the parents in the new education process to make home stress free.

Paramita chairman impressed by Finland’s teacher and student friendly method of teaching