Sensing possible trouble and unrest in the Telangana region in general and Karimnagar district in particular following the submission of Justice Srikrishna Committee recommendations on separate statehood issue, the people of Karimnagar formed serpentine queues at all petrol filling stations on Thursday evening onwards.

There were panic purchases of petrol by all vehicle owners in the town. Almost all the filling stations in the town were packed with the vehicles and filling their fuel tanks to face any eventualities in case of outbreak of any kind of violence or bandhs etc.

A vehicle owner said that he had learned about the bandh call given by the Telangana student JAC leaders on Friday in the Telangana region and came rushing to the filling station to fill the vehicle with petrol and avoid future problems. He said that he was filling his vehicle tank fuel with petrol sensing as the bandhs would become the order of the day in the region.