The cost of the projects has gone up from Rs.9.5 crore to Rs.24 crore

A five-member committee has been formed to probe five public private partnership projects that have been hanging fire for a long time and another committee to study the cost escalation of VUDA Children Arena from the estimated Rs.9.5 crore to Rs.24 crore.

Giving details of last week’s VUDA board meeting to reporters who met him on Wednesday, Vice-Chairman N. Yuvaraj said the committee would take up issues related to development of land by Radiant Developers, L&T, high rise buildings at Paradesipalem and a revolving restaurant atop Kailasagiri by Vinayagar Developers and Vysakhi Jala Udyanavanam.

The committee comprises the district Collector, Additional Secretary, Finance, Y. Ramakrishna, the GVMC Commissioner and the Director of Town and Country Planning and will submit report in a month.

The one on children arena consists of architect Y. Ramesh of State Planning Institution, environmentalist T. Shivaji Rao, the Head of the Department of Civil Engineering of Andhra University and the Chief Engineer of GVMC.

Taking note of VUDA laying only 7 km of Master Plan road in two years, the board decided that a Road Development Plan would be prepared by the Urban Local Body and place it for VUDA approval. A Master Plan Cell will be created with officials Planning and Executing wing GVMC and VUDA.

On the open spaces in VUDA layouts, it was decided that there would be no revision of the layouts though in some VUDA layouts open space was less than 10 per cent. The norms applicable to private developers would also hold good for VUDA. All the open spaces of VUDA would be registered in favour of GVMC. To avoid any misuse, open spaces should be sub-divided and recorded specifying survey numbers.

Harita issue

On the Harita township on which work was resumed, Dr. Yuvaraj said the board asked that escalation, if any should be worked out and it be kept before the allottees and their feedback be placed in the next board meeting. Dates for payment of fifth and sixth instalments will also be decided. The project would be completed by next June.

On the open spaces in VUDA layouts, it was decided that there would be no revision of the layouts