‘It should prepare a master plan for the State as a whole'

The Srikrishna Committee has recommended the constitution of an independent and statutorily empowered technical Water Management Board to ensure equitable intra-State distribution of water amongst the regions.

Former chairman of Central Water Commission (CWC) A.D .Mohile, who examined the technical aspects of river water distribution, opined that the Board could address technical and management issues of water availability, allocation and release besides, clearances and monitoring irrigation projects.

Its foremost functions should be preparation of a master plan for the State as a whole incorporating the regional master plans for optimum utilisation of water and irrigation resources.

The committee suggested that the board could consist of a chairman, a senior water management expert of the rank additional secretary in the Union Government appointed on a deputation basis. It should have two technical members – one to look after Krishna basin and those south of Krishna and another to look after Godavari and other basins to its north. It could have additional members dealing with administration, finance and environment related issues.

These representatives could be filled on rotation basis in the ratio of two each from Telangana and coastal Andhra and one from Rayalaseema regions.

Similar boards like the Bhakra Beas and Narmada Control Authority were in existence. And, in case if a separate State of Telangana is established, this board could be part of the reorganisation itself.

The committee also recommended the setting up of a strong Irrigation / Water Resources Development Corporation to execute all projects. It should virtually become the Line Department in regard to irrigation and raw water supply for domestic and industrial use.

It hoped that the discord caused by issues pertaining to development and allocation of water and irrigation resources would be minimised, if not totally eliminated, in either situation.

  • Suggests an Irrigation/ Water Resources Development Corporation to execute all projects
  • If a separate Telangana State is established, this board can be part of the reorganisation itself