B. Madhu Gopal

Payment of life tax and other fee can be made online

Almost all vehicle dealers opened net banking: Transport Commissioner

Quarterly tax payers like cab owners asked to connect to website

VISAKHAPATNAM: Buyers of cars and other vehicles, barring two-wheelers, three wheelers and tractors, while applying for registration, have to invariably furnish their PAN (Permanent Account Number) without which the Transport Department would reject the applications.

The PAN number column has been there in the application for quite sometime but many applicants were not bothering to fill the same. The Central Motor Vehicle Rules have been amended sometime back for registration of vehicles and now it is mandatory for prospective owners to quote their PAN number.

Motor vehicle owners have to compulsorily visit the Regional Transport Authority office to record their signature in the electronic format. Earlier, the vehicle dealers were taking the signature of the owners at the showroom and completing the registration work through their agents.

Online payment

Payment of life tax and other fee for registration of vehicles has been made online.

“This has been done to reduce delays in the receipt of revenue by the Transport Department. Dealers have to invariably open a net banking account with one of the six banks enlisted by us,” Deputy Transport Commissioner S. Venkateswara Rao said.


“The dealer would be given a password and he can directly log on to the Transport Department website www.transport.org and pay the tax through his net banking account.

The amount would be transferred directly to the Government account. The dealer can download the receipt from his net account from the convenience of his office and submit the same at the RTA.”

“Almost all the motor vehicle dealers in the city have opened net banking facilities and have already started making online payments. The remaining few are feeding data online and into the computer and making payments through e-seva centres,” Mr. Venkateswara Rao said and appealed to the remaining dealers to open net banking accounts and make online payments as the e-seva facility for the Transport Department would be disabled soon.

He also advised quarterly tax payers like cab owners to connect to the department’s website and pay the quarterly tax from their home or office.

Clearance certificate

Vehicles coming from other districts would have to be invariably produced at the RTA office and the owner has to compulsorily obtain a clearance certificate. “This is being insisted to check the incidence of vehicles stolen in other districts being used here by unscrupulous elements,” he said. No Objection Certificate (NOC) is already being given for vehicles from other states. While a fee would be charged for issue of NOC, there would be no such fee for issue of a CC.