‘They are aimed at showing the strength of the people’

NACL Vyatireka Porata Samiti on Saturday decided to conduct padayatras in all 25 villages located in and around Nagarjuna Agrichem Private Limited lat Arinam Akkivalasa of Etcherla mandal from January 17 to 20.

The committee, which held its meeting in Chilakapalam, deplored the district administration which allowed the NACL to resume operations despite the stiff opposition from local people. NACL Vyatireka Porata Samiti leader Muralidhar Baba said padayatra was aimed at showing the strength of the people who were facing many difficulties due to groundwater and air pollution caused by the pesticide company.

The committee leaders also condemned the AP Pollution Control Board which extended permission to the NACL to continue the operations. According to them, the villagers did not seek the so called welfare activities of the company, and they can lead a peaceful life only with the permanent closure of the factory.

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