Elections to the Primary Agricultural Societies (PACS) in Nandigama, Jaggaiahpet and Mylavaram Assembly Constituencies went off peacefully in the first phase on Thursday. Elections to 105 of the 205 PACS conducted in the first phase were unanimous. Polls to another 11 have been stayed by the court.

Members of 89 PACS elected directors in elections and the directors would elect chairpersons in the elections to be held on Friday.

The party wise victory margins, however, look neck-to-neck between the three major parties – YSR Congress, Congress and TDP, though there are individual party claims of their having won more than two-thirds. While the Congress party that was leading in the 105 PACS to which elections were unanimous was still unknown as elections were on non-party basis, all the major political parties are claiming that their party had a majority in the 89 PACS for which elections were held on Thursday.

Both the Congress and TDP are claiming that they had bagged 70 of those PACS. The YSR Congress too was claiming that their party had bagged majority of the PACS. The polling percentage was above 90 in the PACS that went to polls on Thursday.

An independent estimate put the victory figures at YSR Congress Party 28 PACS, Congress 27, TDP 25, Others 5 and 4 were neutral.