J.S. Ifthekhar

National competitions in Abacus, Brain Gym to be held in city on November 11 More than 4,000 children from 17 States will showcase their mental prowess in Abacus and Brain Gym national competitions to be held on November 11 in the city

  • More than 4,000 children from 17 States will participate
  • They will have to tackle 125 questions in five minutes

    Hyderabad: Numbers can be scary, but they can also be fun. Little children playing with figures and tackling complicated sums with ease. Difficult to believe. But when you have conquered the number phobia, anything is possible.

    Come November 11 and Hyderabad will see the kids taking part in the biggest ever number game. More than 4,000 children from 17 States across the country will showcase their mental prowess in Abacus and Brain Gym at the first-ever national competitions being organised by SIP Academy. The programme will be held at the state-of-the-art HICC convention hall at Madhapur.

    The SIP Prodigy 2006 is unique in that under one roof 4,000-plus kids in the age group of 6-12 years will display their arithmetic and mental skills. In just five minutes flat they will be required to tackle 125 questions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimal, percentage, square roots and equations.

    Mental ability

    SIP Academy founder Kelvin Tham, who is here ahead of the competition, said more and more children were getting attracted to Abacus and Brain Gym programme which seek to maximise the child's potential. "No, it doesn't just offer arithmetic solutions but develops mental ability," says Mr. Tham who is offering the programme in 13 countries.

    After going through different levels of the programme, children acquire concentration, speed, accuracy, retention and recalling ability. The improved skills could be applied to not just mathematics but other subjects as well.

    Impact on studies

    "Those who have acquired the Abacus skills have shown improved academic performance," said Mr. Tham, whose academy is training 20,000 students in India.

    In 1999, he incorporated certain value added methodologies into the programme through Brain Gym to remove the mental blocks and energise the children.

    "This new programme inculcates left and right brain interaction and boosts the confidence and creativity levels of children," explains Dinesh Victor, director, SIP Academy India.