Move to add additional income to Karimnagar municipality and take up villages' development: officials

Ever since the Karimnagar municipality was upgraded into Corporation in 2005, the merger of adjoining 10 villages with the Corporation had become a cause of concern for the authorities concerned.

The authorities have planned to merge the adjoining 10 villages in the corporation limits to add additional income to the municipal corporation and also take up development of the villages on par with the town. However, the local bodies' representatives such as the sarpanches, MPTC and ZPTC members have been opposing the move stating that the villages would be denied of development after its merger with the corporation.

Move court

The authorities have planned to merge the Padmanagar, Chintakunta, Malkapur, Rekurthi, Seetharampur, Arepalli, Theegalaguttapalli, Bommakal, Gopalpur villages of Karimnagar mandal and Alugunur village in Thimmapur mandal. During the period, the local bodies representatives approached the court and stopped the move to merge in the corporation. Freshly, with the sarpanches term coming to an end in August this year, the authorities have again moved the proposal for the merger of 10 villages with the corporation to conduct elections in municipal corporation limits. Even the last general body of the corporation had also moved a resolution for the merger of 10 villages with the corporation, but the sarpanches, MPTC and ZPTC members have opposed the move.

Fresh move

Even now the local bodies' representatives are vehemently opposing the fresh move of the district authorities. The authorities have been saying that they could take up development of the villages on par with that of the corporation with proper layout etc. But, the local bodies' representatives have been saying that the Karimnagar town was denied of development in the corporation and on the other hand the residents were burdened with heavy taxes. They argue that the Karimnagar town had turned into a dump yard with haphazard underground drainage works and unscientific growth of the town without any layout and illegal permissions for the constructions of apartments and multi-storeyed buildings.

Karimnagar MLA G. Kamalakar had gone a step ahead and met Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy in Hyderabad on Monday and submitted a memorandum opposing the merger of villages with the corporation.

Tax burden

He said that some two decades ago, two villages - Rampur and Ramnagar - were merged with municipality, but still they are being denied development and simultaneously burdened with heavy tax structure.

  • ‘Karimnagar denied development and residents burdened with heavy taxes'

  • Karimnagar MLA meets Chief Minister and submits memorandum opposing the merger