Vested interests at work, says official of Trimex Sands Private Limited

The Akhila Bharata Rythu Coolie Sangham and other organisations are vehemently opposing the sand mining activity in Vajrapukotturu mandal in the district, as they believe that it is detrimental to the interests of fishermen and other communities that depend on the sea for their livelihood.

Agitations have become the order of the day in several villages, including Kottapeta, against beach sand mining. It is alleged that such an activity is against the Coastal Regulation Zone Act. The protesters are making it clear that they will not allow the Trimex Sands Private Limited to take up sand mining activity in their vicinity even if the government allows the company to establish its plant in the mandal.

President of the sangham Gade Diwakar says it is the responsibility of the government to protect the 970-km coastal belt from Itchapuram in Srikakulam district to Tada in Chittoor) district. “The government is conspiring with industries to loot the rich mineral wealth of the coastal region,” he alleges.

Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee representative Srimannarayana and leaders of the Left parties T. Prakash and N. Neelamraju have urged people not to handover their lands to the Trimex company lured by the huge amount being offered to them.

“It’s eco-friendly”

Meanwhile, Trimex Liaison Head L.L. Rao has said that people with vested interests are encouraging people to take up agitations in the mandal though many people are ready to lease out their lands. The company has already acquired 200 acres in Vajrapukotturu mandal, he adds.

“Beach sand mining is completely eco-friendly. After processing the sand, it will again be dumped in the same place. The company has already committed itself to spending Rs.50 crore on welfare activities in the district as part of its CSR,” Dr. Rao adds.