Aadhaar linkage to be mandatory

District officials are expecting 1 lakh gas connections to become invalid in Nellore as these connections are held by owners who have more than one LPG connection.

As per the existing rules, a person is eligible for only one LPG connection and this has to be linked with the Aadhaar unique identification, which proves effective in weeding out multiple connections held by a single family.

Joint Collector B. Lakshmikantham says that the Aadhaar linkage with LPG subsidy will help eliminate bogus connections to a large extent and it will help solve the problem of ‘multiple entries’ for the same person with different oil companies. There are many instances of a person owning one connection in each oil company, which can be detected with the help of Aadhaar verification.

There are about 4.78 lakh LPG gas connections in the district now and the gas agencies have taken up a massive drive to collect Aadhaar details of each connection holder. It has been made mandatory for connection holders to provide his or her Aadhaar number. Mr. Lakshmikantham says that guidelines have been issued not to give LPG subsidy to those who do not provide Aadhaar number before September end. Consequently, non-Aadhaar gas connection holders will have to pay the full cost of the LPG cylinder, which comes to about Rs. 975 as of now. They will have to forgo the subsidy amount of Rs. 415. In the present Aadhaar linkage drive, 45 per cent of LPG holders have been covered already. Of the remaining connections, nearly 1 lakh are expected to be found dormant or invalid. Once the Aadhaar system is implemented, the subsidy amount will be directly deposited into the bank account of the connection holder.