Onion prices rise again

Swathi V
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Onion stocks that arrived from Kurnool being unloaded at the Mahaboobgunj market in the city.- Photo: P.V. Sivakumar
Onion stocks that arrived from Kurnool being unloaded at the Mahaboobgunj market in the city.- Photo: P.V. Sivakumar

After a brief and nominal let up, prices of onions have begun to show signs of skyrocketing again. In the last two days, onions have put on some more weight in terms of its price, costing about Rs.7 to Rs.15 more per kilogram.

Visitors to the Rythu Bazaars in the city had some disappointment in store as the essential commodity was being sold at Rs.37 per kg.

“Till Saturday, the subsidised onions at Kothapet Rythu Bazaar were being sold at about Rs.30 per kilo. On Monday, the price was suddenly increased to Rs.37 per kg. Private vendors outside the market, who were selling at Rs.40 per kilo till recently, were quoting Rs.50 all of a sudden,” informed Prasad, a consumer from Kothapet.

However, the subsidised onions at Rythu Bazaars are of much lesser quality than those in the open market, he says. In supermarkets and other stores, the price has apparently gone up to Rs.55 per kilogram. Less than a month ago, consumers were reeling under the impact of unprecedented price hike of onions which hovered at about Rs.65 per kg. It was then hoped that arrivals from Karnataka and Maharashtra would improve the situation in a month’s time.

With a few measures such as sale of subsidised onions at city’s Rythu Bazaars, the government was able to bring the prices down a little.

One more reason being cited is the increased exports and fallen imports, due to the devalued rupee. The usual imports from Pakistan, Iran, China and Egypt failed this time, while the domestic crop is delayed.

However, according to the latest data from the department of Agriculture’s website as on September 11, area sown under onion has improved to a great extent in one month, from about 13,000 hectares in August, to about 27,000 hectares now which is 7,000 hectares more than the previous year on the same day. In Kurnool district, the leading producer of onions, the area sown has increased to 22,523 hectares this year, as against 14,348 hectares last year.



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