The plight of 34-year-old Y. Vasudeva Reddy who is suffering from bipolar affective disorder is pitiable as his Ugandan employer refused to grant him medical leave to return to India for treatment.

His brother Maheswar Reddy had approached the International Human Rights Association Andhra Pradesh chapter Vice-Chairperson Borugadda Mohan Rao here seeking appropriate relief for Vasudeva Reddy who is caught between contractual obligation and “deteriorating health condition.”

Maheswar Reddy, in his complaint to the IHRA functionary, said his brother, a commerce graduate, had joined Sumadhura Technologies as cashier in February last after signing a two-year contract. In September his brother had sought three months leave for visiting India for treatment. But he had been denied leave and asked to complete pending work first. Even after completion of pending work his brother had not been granted medical leave.

All efforts to get in touch with the firm went in vain, Mr. Maheswar Reddy contended.

Mr. Mohan Rao said efforts were being made to ensure appropriate relief to Vasudeva Reddy.