Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: Chaos, congestion and confusion created by the one-way traffic rule on two routes at Ameerpet finally prompted the traffic police to partially lift it, albeit unofficially.

The uni-directional traffic movement from Sarathi studios to Yousufguda basthi is almost done away, as the traffic police decided to allow two-way flow of vehicles entering this stretch through internal lanes. This part of the road has nearly 10 roads on either side.

While commuters entering the stretch at Sarathi studios proceed towards Yousufguda, many are coming onto this road from side roads. To control this, either a traffic policeman has to be posted at every lane or they must be closed to all traffic.

“With limited force available and impracticality of blocking all lanes, both the options could not be used,” a traffic police officer remarked. Hence, the police decided not to obstruct vehicles travelling in both directions on this part of the road. But vehicles coming from Yousufguda basthi to Sarathi studios would have to turn left at Maithrivanam. They would not be allowed to directly to go towards Aditya Park Inn or Satyam theatre side.

However, the barricades put up at the beginning of the Yousufguda basthi would remain. This would mean vehicles coming from Yousufguda check-post and Krishnanagar side cannot enter the Yousfuguda basthi-Sarathi studios stretch directly.

Similarly, vehicles entering the Maithrivanam-Aditya Park Inn stretch from side roads would be allowed to travel towards Satyam theatre.

These two relaxations mean the one-way traffic rule is almost removed on major part of the road.

On the second route also, the traffic police are allowing two-way traffic movement from Food World to Victory Colour lab.