Vijayawada had emerged as the nerve centre for political activity, says Shivaji

VIJAYAWADA: Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee executive member Kolanukonda Shivaji on Friday appealed to the Congress high-command to give ticket for at least one seat in the city to a candidate hailing from a most backward class community.

He said at a press conference that the BCs deserved to be given one of the three seats in the city -- Vijayawada East, Vijayawada West and Vijayawada Central -- that had been carved out following delimitation of constituencies.

Pointing out that a ticket had been given to a BC candidate in the city only once since independence, when Ilapuram Venkaiah contested from Vijayawada East in 1999 and lost narrowly, Mr. Shivaji said that Vijayawada had emerged as the nerve centre for political activity, more particularly of the BCs, which was evident from a number of meetings conducted by different BC associations in the recent past.

Mr. Shivaji also said there were about 2.5 lakh BCs out of the 4.8 lakh voters in all the three Assembly segments of the city, and their presence was evident in the nearly 22 divisions of the total 59 reserved for them in the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation.

No BC candidate would be able to fight the money power in rural areas, even if given a ticket. Hence, ticket should be given only in the city.

Mr. Shivaji also appealed for removal of creamy layer restriction and amending the Constitution for ensuring promotions for BC employees.