While political rivals of the Congress are not letting go any opportunity to take a dig at the ruling party for its procrastination on Telangana issue, it has also spawned comments on social media.

A senior scribe in his post on Facebook has likened the plight of Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, a former cricketer himself, in the ongoing IPL (Indian Political League), to a batsman’s wait for a third umpire’s decision. He said Mr. Reddy was not leaving the crease as the third umpire’s decision was pending. Along with him, scores of anxious spectators are staring at the electronic scoreboard displaying ‘Third Umpire Decision Pending’. Like in the case of the third umpire, the decision-maker in this case is also invisible, the scribe added.

Y. Mallikarjun

Numbers game!

All the major parties have their cake in the ongoing elections to gram panchayats. After all, the elections are not on party basis.

A reading of the claims by parties about winning a certain number of panchayats would show that they add up to a figure which is double the places where the polls were actually held. At some places, there have been claims by more than one party that the winner was their supporter.

In this context, it is not out of place to recall the words of late Chief Minister T. Anjaiah who once said everyone who won was a Congressman. He was right because there was no rival party for Congress in those days. The statement was all the more significant as every sarpanch would like to be identified with the ruling party to ensure development in his village.

N. Rahul

Telangana in ‘Andhra’ Bank

The demand for separate Telangana has so far been confined to State, Central government organisations and educational institutions. But the heat appears to have spread to the banking sector too.

Leading public sector lender Andhra Bank was among the first banks to witness formation of a front for employees hailing from Telangana region in its ranks. Christened as Telangana Employees Association (Andhra Bank), the founders of the new front joined the chorus of staff airing their grievance against the alleged ‘discrimination’ as also the ‘dominance’ of their Seemandhra counterparts in the majority and minority unions.

M. Rajeev

Democracy Forum?

The media lounge built before the ‘C’ Block (housing the offices of Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy) in the Secretariat at a cost of nearly Rs. 10 lakh, has come to be recognised as ‘Democracy Forum’ by many people these days.

Ministers, MLAs, MPs, leaders of opposition parties as well as various associations/organisations and individuals from across the State keep coming to meet Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy and express happiness or regrets over the assurances by him on problems of their respective areas or the people represented by them.

Camerapersons of over a dozen television channels are ever present at the lounge, as also several print media correspondents. Of late, the number of people seeking an audience with Mr. Reddy at the Secretariat has swelled because he is not meeting people at his Camp Office.

Interestingly, the politicians that most people meeting Mr. Reddy are, they appear to have a forked tongue. Even when the grievances of people in their constituencies and problems are solved, they do not leave the place without spitting fire on the Chief Minister, ‘off the record’ though !

M. Malleswara Rao