The elections have revealed serious lapses in revision of electoral rolls. Names of many people who have been in the city for decades are found missing.

The low percentage of voting on April 16 in cities like Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad can be attributed to defective rolls and apathy on the part of the educated to exercise their franchise.

The State Government should be held responsible for preparing correct rolls henceforth.

Employees and officials whose services are drafted for revision of electoral rolls should have no political affiliations.

They should consider the work as their moral duty that is aimed at ensuring fair elections.

Neither the Election Commission nor the Chief Electoral Officer can be blamed for the loopholes in the electoral rolls.

The tahsildars should be made responsible as it is their duty to plug the loopholes before giving it for publication.

N.V. Rama Rao


Shortage of currency notes

Of late, it is turning out to be difficult to find currency notes of smaller denomination like Rs.10 and Rs.20. Mostly, Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 currency notes are obtained in ATMs. Customers always fear existence of fake ones in such notes. When customers approach banks, they are being old that there is shortage of currency notes of smaller denomination. Is it not the primary responsibility of the Reserve Bank of India to step in and correct the system?

Rajaram Palluru


GVMC’s erratic service

Implementation of the dustbin-free scheme in Ward No. 7 of Lawson’s Bay Colony since its inception in January this year has been quite erratic. Garbage is being collected on alternate days, and sometimes the gap is three to four days. The contractor is demanding Rs.15 for each apartment per month. He evades a reply when questioned whether it is as per the terms of contract with the GVMC.

There has been no reply to the letter addressed in February to the GVMC Commissioner on the issue. The prolonged silence of the authorities gives rise to many doubts. The contractor is threatening to stop collecting the garbage if the arrears are not paid before May 10.

G.V.L. Narasimham


PG centres neglected

The recent Vice-Chancellors’ meet resolved to urge the government to grant autonomous status to universities in the State. It is unfortunate that the V-Cs did not bother to note the deteriorating conditions at the PG centres that were established with an aim to cater to the higher educational needs of the rural poor.

G. Mary Hema Prabha