They demand the new nursing college be constructed at the location of the old building

The controversy that triggered protests by students and relatives after the death of two nursing students of Osmania Medical College (OMC) following dengue attack, has taken a new turn. The students are now demanding that the proposed new nursing college building be set up at the same place where the old building is located.

Director of Medical Education (DME) Dr. G. Shanta Rao, who visited the Osmania General Hospital (OGH) on Monday to inspect the nursing hostel premises and other facilities, was confronted with this demand from student representatives. They demanded that the OGH management take the blame for the lack of upkeep of the hostel premises, which ultimately led to rampant mosquito breeding that caused ailments.

The authorities, on their part, sought to assure the students that all possible measures were being taken up to make sure that the new nursing college building would be constructed on the OGH campus.

No security

“There is no warden or security for the 225 nursing students who stay in the hostel. The drainage used to get clogged for several days, and there was a general neglect towards the maintenance of the nursing college hostel building,” said SFI city secretary M. Nageswara Rao, who represents the nursing students.

Meanwhile, the students charged that the authorities were leveraging the present situation as a ploy to make them vacate the hostel premises and shift them out of the OGH campus.

“We lost two of our classmates due to the negligence of the authorities. Now, they are promising to build a new nursing college and a hostel but not in the same location,” they said.

Meanwhile, OGH authorities took up screening of 196 nursing college students. “None of them has tested positive. We also randomly tested patients and their attenders for infection, and everybody tested negative.

The OGH building is more than a century old, and there is a desperate need for a new building,” said OGH Superintendent Dr. V. Sivaram Reddy. The authorities added that the proposed new nursing college and hostel building were part of the Rs. 200-crore project to construct a new state-of-the-art OGH bock.

Students demand that the new nursing college be built at the same place where the old building is located