Special Correspondent

Councillors seek special council meeting

  • Water being supplied once in four days
  • Officials promise to furnish list of works completed
  • ONGOLE: Both Congress and TDP councillors have expressed concern over the deteriorating condition of water supply in the town and demanded a special meeting of the municipal council to discuss the problem and suggest remedial measures to officials.

    At the general body meeting of the council held here on Monday, they hauled up officials for failure to adhere to the schedule and supply adequate water to the town even once in four days causing hardship to people.

    Engineering officials explained that they were not able to draw water from summer storage tanks with adequate pressure due to leakages in the main pipeline. They were not able to plug the leakages because water level stood at 14.8 feet in the summer storage tank. They said that they can take up repairs only after one month when the water level was expected to go down to 13 feet.

    As the pipeline was leaking, it was taking longer time to pump water to service reservoirs and so the schedule of water release was upset, they explained.

    Councillors felt that it was unfortunate that the town faced drinking water problem even though there was adequate water in both the summer storage tanks and there was no power cut. As officials were not following the given schedule, people had to keep a watch over the tap for 2-3 hours.

    As water is now supplied once in four days, the councilors wanted the officials to supply water for half-an-hour more than normal time. Water should also be transported to tail-end areas.

    Heated debate

    There was heated debate over some completed works. Councillor Ananta Mallikarjuna Rao contended that several works, which were shown as completed at a cost of Rs. 14 lakhs in his ward, were not even taken up. Engineering officials promised to furnish the list of works completed.

    Councillors also hauled up the Health Officer for allegedly issuing a death certificate of a woman who died 15 years ago. Officials issued the certificate that she had died 15 days ago. Health Officer promised to inquire and take action against the concerned. But councillors held him responsible for it and demanded that he should be recalled.

    Commissioner Challa Anuradha intervened and said that the issue would be referred to District Medical and Health Officer.