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This saves kerosene, he says

  • Drive against diversion of cooking gas launched
  • LPG dealers too involved in the drive

    VIJAYAWADA: Defending the insistence on production of ration card for giving a cooking gas refill, Joint Collector S. Suresh Kumar on Thursday said it was based on a national policy and a circular issued by the Civil Supplies Commissioner.

    As a result, 15,084 holders of white cards had surrendered their kerosene coupons last month, saving the Government of 60 kilolitres of subsidised kerosene.

    Mr. Suresh Kumar said at a press conference that 2.63 lakh cards were issued in Vijayawada city alone. Of these, 1.48 lakh were white cards and 1.08 lakh pink.

    Meanwhile, those who did not have a card could produce some identity proof and give a declaration to the assistant supply officer concerned that they did not have a card. In the case of above poverty line families, the declaration would be endorsed immediately and sent to the LPG dealer for supply of refills. But if any one from below poverty line family declared the same, it would be verified before endorsing.

    Good result

    The Joint Collector said that the drive against diversion of subsidised kerosene and cooking gas to commercial purposes launched about a month ago was yielding good result, as was evident from the increase in use of commercial gas cylinders and surrender of kerosene coupons.. In the 742 inspections carried out since August, 71 cases of diversion of domestic connections were unearthed and cases were booked under Essential Commodities Act after seizing 1,176 cylinders.

    The Joint Collector said that the drive against diversion of subsidised kerosene was also producing the desired result, as 55,383 litres had so far been seized from 2,845 inspections and 258 raids.