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Scene of action:The Lahari Resorts at Sangareddy in Medak district.— PHOTO: K. RAMESH BABU
Scene of action:The Lahari Resorts at Sangareddy in Medak district.— PHOTO: K. RAMESH BABU

The two-day residential orientation programme for legislators on Standing Committees at Lahari Resorts on the city outskirts may have served the purpose of enlightening the law makers about efficacy of the proposed panels.

But, the arrangements made by the Legislature Secretariat left them seething in anger. The resort had 60 rooms forcing officials to scout for alternative accommodation. Legislators, who arrived there failed to get rooms. One MLA from Warangal lost his cool and broke the furniture in the Front Office. Another MLA said it was almost free for all during lunch break. Many returned to the city peeved by the poor arrangements.

Journalists from Sangareddy had a harrowing time as they were shooed away by the police. Hyderabad-based journalists were lucky as they were allowed to cover the proceedings but with a lot of restrictions.

Ravi Reddy

Polavaram distinction

Eye-brows were raised in many quarters over another “distinction” conferred by the government on the multi-purpose Polavaram project.

As irrigation projects are a boon, foundation stone laying ceremonies are usually gala functions in which Chief Minister or at least a Minister participates.

None other then Indira Gandhi was present when “bhomi puja” was performed for the Telugu Ganga project in the early 80s. She was flanked by matinee idols—MGR and NTR, Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu and AP respectively, and Ramakrishna Hegde (Karnataka).

Nothing of this sort was witnessed when work on the dam of the Rs 16,010-crore Polavaram project was launched on the Godavari at Anguluru, the other day. Not even a junior engineer from Irrigation Department was present at the site when puja was performed by Transstroy consortium.

M. Malleswara Rao

Beating Naidu at his own game

Vijayamma and Venezuela? Barring the letter ‘V’ nothing is common, one might say, but the housewife-turned-honorary president of YSRCP, sprung a surprise the other day by being the first political leader in the State to condole the death of charismatic Leftist firebrand, Hugo Chavez.

Within hours of the tragedy, her condolence message landed in newspaper offices. Cynical as ever, journalists wondered why Vijayamma and whether she expected the message to reach Chavez’s family in a distant country.

But one of them had a smart take: “By rushing the message, she wanted to pip to the post her arch rival, Telugu Desam president, N. Chandrababu Naidu”. He was not wrong, till now it was Mr. Naidu and his PR boys who excelled in sending such SMSes, good or bad, so much so that they served as alerts to lazy journos.

K. Venkateshwarlu

Poles apart …

What is Poland famous for? Its ethnicity and history, the oldest salt mine of Wieliczca near Krakov and more. But interestingly, at a recent meeting of a Polish trade delegation, overzealous industrialist thought he was praising the visitors referring to them as being very friendly and how it was fun interacting with them, “after beer and food.”

It caused a ripple among the gathering even as the Poles were visibly embarrassed at the speaker referring to their drinking/eating habits. Someone in the audience was heard whispering to his neighbour. “The speaker appears to be blissfully unaware of the fact that Pope John Paul the second, known as Jan Pawel II in Polish, hailed from Poland as also Nicholas Copernicus, the first man to formulate a comprehensive heliocentric cosmology that displaced the Earth from the centre of the universe”.

Suresh Krishnamoorthy

Politicians… to be or not to be!

Politicians, generally, in the country are criticised, cursed, hated and what not by people for different reasons. It’s also a fact that a small section also like them again for their own reasons. Union Minister for Minority Affairs K. Rahman Khan feels that there is no reason why people should develop such animosity towards politicians.

Mr. Khan says politicians are indispensable in a democracy as they not only represent people but represent their aspirations too.

Speaking at a conference here the other day, where he drew criticism on various aspects of his ministry on one hand and expectations from him on the other, the Minister was peeved at the remarks.

The Minister said he was at loss to understand this dichotomy. On one hand, people wanted politicians to function properly and on the other described them as useless lot.

B. Chandrashekhar



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