HYDERABAD: When our hair starts greying, despite being on the younger side, everyone starts blaming the vagaries of a stressful life as the sole reason for it.

Instances of journalists struggling against deadlines, executives trying to meet targets and housewives struggling with high levels of stress while calming down infants are given to prove the point.

The temptation to club stress with greying of hair is so much that recently several reports even compared the stressful times of Presidency of United States and the fast greying hair, around the temples, of Barrack Obama.


Others go even a step further and take pride in greying by attributing it to wisdom and intelligence.

But, is there really a research based scientific evidence that clearly links stress with greying of hair? An emphatic ‘NO’ is the answer from the immediate past president of Indian Association of Dermatologist, Venereologists and Leprologists (IADVL), A.P chapter Dr. V.K. Somani.

The stressful times we live in, at the most, could be one among several reasons, for this still unexplained phenomenon of greying hair among young people.

“Till now, there is no authentic study anywhere linking the two. There is enough research to link stress and hair fall but not greying. There are large numbers of youngsters with greying hair but we can’t blame stress as the reason for it. There are other strong factors too,” Dr. Somani says.

There are several studies that claim that stress leads to production of Hydrogen Peroxide by hair cells, which over a period of time get accumulated, resulting in greying of hair. “Factors like pollution, environmental effects, food adulteration, genetics and heredity too are known to play a vital role in greying,” the Dermatologist said.

No solution?

Is there anyway that greying can be prevented?

“There simply is no way to avoid greying except for applying colour. There are sure shot ways to treat and stop hair loss but treatment for greying is yet unexplored,” Dr. Somani said.