Latest equipment on display at technology expo

The technical word for them is otolaryngologists. The laymen word for them is ENT specialists. The ear, nose and throat — the three parts of the body are not easy to peer into.

This was obvious from the several tubes that came out of the equipment on display at the three-day Association of Otolaryngologists of India (AOI) conference technology exhibition.

Along with several types of endoscopes that allow the experts to examine the different nooks and corners, there are sinoscopes that allow them to see into the sinuses, laryngoscopes that can look into the larynx (voice box), and otoscopes that can look into the deep crevasses of the ear.

Finally, there are the microscopes that can see even the small parts at the unique exhibition. All the scopes have cameras and suction pumps to go with them.

Some of the stalls had gadgets needed to check how soundly a person slept. After all, it is the ENT specialists who treat Sleep Apnea. Some other stalls showcased the new molecules for treating ear, nose, and throat infections.

TBS India Telematic and Biomedical National Sales head K Sridhar told The Hindu that Atmos Medizin Technik Gmbh and Company had a wide variety of instruments and equipment used by ENT specialists.

The stroboscopes have maximum light performance using innovative LED technology. ATMOs i View is a microscope that is popular among ENT surgeons.

Big draw

The stalls that exhibited gadgets that make ‘sleep study reports’ were a big draw. WatchPAT is the latest gadget that makes sleep study reports. Unlike in the older model, this gadget is strapped on to the patient’s wrist instead of the waist.

“Millions of people suffer from sleep apnea that goes undiagnosed. Untreated sleep apnea increases the risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases, besides other things,” WatchPAT representative Hozefa Attarwala.

ResMed India representative S.J. Prithviraj explained the advantages of diagnosing sleep apnea with the home sleep test screening and diagnostic devices.

The ALPS International stall had on display their entire range of hearing aids. The Timpac stall had on display a variety of ‘everyday office surgical tools’ required for a wide variety of ENT disorders, including oedema, rhinophyma, rhinoplasty, polyps, and tumours.

Multinational drug companies like Merck, Mankind and Abbott had stalls to showcase the molecules used for fighting ENT infections.

Johnson and Johnson Acclarent zonal manager G.Vikram said that Balloon Sinuplasty was new technology for treating chronic sinusitis. He said balloon sinuplasty was safe and minimal invasive procedure that opens the sinus passages.

  • WatchPAT is the latest gadget that makes sleep study reports

  • ALPS International stall has on display an entire range of hearing aids