A socio-economic survey being conducted by NSS unit of Lakshmi Devi Gupta Junior College, Dharmapuri, conducted at Dibbaguddi, Aganipeta, Amakam and Bellam in Denkada mandal it was found that the real estate boom a few years ago brought riches to small land holders. They built houses, bought colour television sets and motor bikes but they have no toilets in the houses and beds to sleep. At least two members in each house are having mobile phones. The men were addicted to alcohol and tobacco chewing. As they have been neglecting their wives and children, the women depend on NREGP to feed children.

The NSS group consisting of 30 boys and 20 girls from the college has made Gantlam village in Denkada mandal as their base for the week-long camp from January 6 to 12, according to NSS programme officer of the college N.T.V. Prasad Varma. He said that apart from socio-economic survey, they would create community assets, motivate them on eradication of child labour, women and child welfare programmes of the government and on right to vote in elections.