Kodandaram, Harish Rao address NRIs' gathering organised by TDF at Detroit

Telangana Joint Action Committee (JAC) convenor Kodandaram underscored the importance of the powerful middle class of Telangana in making the separate State a reality soon. He was addressing a huge gathering of NRIs at the Telangana Midwest Conference - Banquet Night – 2010, organised by the Telangana Development Forum (TDF), Detroit chapter.

He said history was replete with instances of the middle class being the backbone of any successful movement worldwide and that Telangana was no exception. He said the agitation had come a long way over the years and was now at a decisive stage. He lauded the efforts of NRIs in keeping the movement alive through various programmes.

Peaceful movement

Although he did not spell out the JAC's action plan post December 31, when the Srikrishna Committee's report was due, he, however, said his organisation would intensify the movement in a democratic and peaceful manner.

Siddipet MLA T. Harish Rao said the agitation needs strong intellectual solidarity from NRIs and not their money as was the notion among certain sections of people. He assured the business community in the US that their investments would be safe in Telangana. Sriram Vedire made a power point presentation on “Water and Power Crisis - What makes Telangana State A Must”.

Local entrepreneur Praveen Kesireddy explained the activities of the TDF (Detroit) had been doing with active support from Telangana business community in Michigan. Praveen Jonnalagadda, Ashok Perumandla, Damodar Gankidi, Sammi Reddy Jillala, Ramgopal and Santosh Reddy Kakulavaram spoke.

  • Telangana JAC will intensify movement after Dec. 31: Kodandaram
  • Agitation needs strong intellectual solidarity from NRIs: Harish Rao