HYDERABAD: A non-resident Indian born in Kadapa and settled in Princeton (USA) A.V. Krishna Reddy claims to have developed a technology to produce cheap hydrogen-based energy on board to run a four-wheeler.

Dr. Reddy told a press conference here on Friday, along with C.C. Reddy, adviser to the State government, that there were limitations to store hydrogen in cars because it was not easily compressible. The technology eliminated the limitations.

He asserted that hydrogen could be produced on board a car to run it. The technology consisted of controlling a chemical reaction between sodium and water which was not possible earlier. The reaction, he explained, could be controlled by adding aluminium to it resulting in production of a huge volume of hydrogen and release of tremendous amount of pressure and heat. The pressure generated by the reaction would harness energy which could be used to operate a cell in an automobile or in an internal combustion engine to run a car.

Dr. Reddy, said the hydrogen process could also be used for producing cooking gas and power.