Staff Reporter

VIJAYAWADA: Protesters dressed as “fake babas” and “false swaminis” drew wide attention of the passers-by as they participated in a protest programme organised by the All India Youth Federation (AIYF) held at the Sub-Collector's Office on MG Road here.

In the novel protest, there were also some protesters who came dressed as the victimised girls and people whom the fake swamis exploited sexually, financially and in various other ways. Hundreds of the AIYF activists and social activists participated in the dharna when the speakers expressed their resolve to continue their fight against exploitation by fake babas.

AIYF city general secretary N. Sambasiva Rao demanded that the Government take prompt action against any instance of a person trying to cheat people in the name of swamis.

Stating that the fake swamis were using devotion, salvation and mantras as their weapons, Mr. Sambasiva Rao said even leaders and officials were falling at the feet of these swamis which was in very bad taste.

AIYF city president K. Suresh said that the fake babas were collecting crores of rupees from innocent people.