Heritage sites exempted from the process, he says

Machilipatnam Municipal authorities have served notices on the owners of 52 old constructions (largely residential buildings) for demolition or renovation based on the status of its ‘Present Structural Stability’.

Special teams of engineers from the municipality’s Town Planning wing inspected the old buildings identified the dangerous ones and prepared a detailed report on the status of the structural stability.

The inspection of old buildings was taken up based on the guidelines of the A.P. State Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP), Hyderabad.

The DTCP had recently asked the municipal authorities to take action for identifying constructions which are in a dilapidated condition so that demolition or renovation can be suggested in case of buildings that can be revived through renovation in due course of time.

Heritage sites, however, have been exempted from the process.

“We have served notices on the owners of the 52 buildings directing them to demolish or immediately go for renovation based on its present condition,” Municipal Commissioner S. Siva Ramakrishna told The Hindu .

Since there was a strong demand from heritage sites conservation activists in Krishna district to declare as many as nine eligible constructions in Machilipatnam as heritage sites, the municipal officials have exempted those buildings from the process.

“Not even a single building among the 52 constructions is a heritage site,” said Mr. Siva Ramakrishna.