Some 30 concepts taught at the traffic training cell

Even though the new academic year has started, managements of only a few schools have been motivating students to get traffic-awareness classes at the innovative ‘Traffic Training and Development Cell (TTDC)' in the academic year of 2010-11 in the city.

According to the city traffic police, the response from many schools was not at the expected level with many of them citing academic reasons for not sending their children to the awareness classes.

“We consider school children the most important subjects for traffic awareness. A lot of pressure is put by parents on them to get good marks, but it is also vital to educate them on traffic rules,” says Mr. Guna Ram a sub-inspector and in-charge of the training classes.

He said that the TTDC was being used as a platform by the city police traffic wing to conduct seminars, workshops and interactive sessions on vehicular traffic.

Auto drivers, RTC bus drivers and residents of different colonies and apartments were benefiting from the centre.

The cell located in the first floor of the Police Control Room was launched as an innovative concept by former city Police Commissioner C.V. Anand to educate all sections of people on the traffic rules.

With the well equipped multi-media gadgets, the cell had been taking classes in an attractive 2-D animation presentation by experts. Nearly 31 concepts were being taught here, the project was designed with the help of the Chandigarh city traffic police.

With increased vehicle population and reduced circulation space in the city, traffic management has become a nightmare for the police with the limited staff, and only the self regulation can yield good results and it has become need of the hour, he says.

Corporate school managements have to take the responsibility in educating high school children on the traffic rules and regulations, as they can diffuse the acquired knowledge at many places. “We wish more children will benefit from our awareness programmes, apart from the text book lessons,” says the official.

  • RTC and auto drivers and local people benefiting from the cell now
  • Children need education on traffic rules also, says official