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It entered Indian waters last month

Kakinada: North Korean merchant ship ‘Mu San,’ which raised the hackles of security agencies by entering Indian territorial waters early last month, allegedly without the statutory clearances, was moved from the deep water port to anchorage port upon completion of the inspection that began soon after its arrival on August 22.

The entire consignment of 16,500 tonnes of sugar was fully offloaded on Wednesday night and the ship is now awaiting the marching orders from Navy, Coast Guard, Department of Customs and other government agencies. This is expected to take a few more days as some more formalities are to be finished.

Team scanned ship

A three-member team of nuclear scientists from Kalpakkam had thoroughly scanned the ship in the last few weeks but they could not find anything except sugar.

The ship will be now berthed at the anchorage port till further orders. Coast Guard ships will escort it back to international waters after it is permitted to leave. ‘Mu San’ was suspected to contain traces of radioactive/nuclear material but no evidence has yet emerged. At least 10 vessels are reportedly waiting for berthing at the deep water port, which did not happen for over a week due to the presence of ‘M.V. Mu San.’