Suresh Krishnamoorthy

Allegedly seek police protection to file nominations

Dissidence only shows how popular the party is, says Allu Aravind

The party’s counselling session appears to have little impact on rejected aspirants

HYDERABAD: The pressure involved in selection of candidates following the social justice formula is all but gone. A number of those who are now being called ‘non-locals’ are seeking police protection when they file their nominations on Monday.

While the party claims to have given tickets to a whopping 60 to 70 per cent ‘fresh faces’, the ‘non-locals’ are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that they are not either physically assaulted or even embarrassed by fierce and disappointed ‘locals’ and disgruntled elements.

For the past two days, violence perpetrated by supporters of leaders who did not get the party ticket, in Nizamabad, Warangal, Khammam and Anantapur districts, to name a few, has left the candidates a mite more wary than ever. Instances of office furniture being broken, equipment like computers and printers broken being damaged and papers and files being burnt are on the rise.

When asked at a recent press conference, party general secretary Allu Aravind retorted, “Did you not hear of every District Congress Committee across the State being ransacked in 2004? Dissidence only shows how popular is Praja Rajyam is and how eager aspirants are, to work for the people under the Praja Rajyam umbrella.? It may be recalled that a week ago, the party formed two special teams and called most aspirants from atleast 30 to 40 constituencies across the State for what later turned out to be a ‘counselling’ session. They were told by Mr. Chiranjeevi’s brothers K. Nagendra Babu and Pawan Kalyan how every aspirant could not be given the ticket and how they would be ‘looked after’ in corporations and other nominated positions, once the party came to power.

There was an aspirant from Palair in Khammam district who told his counsellors at the meeting that he would not allow any non-local to leave the constituency alive after filing his nomination. Such instances were heard from an average of one constituency in every district. Interestingly, no candidate has officially communicated to the police about the threats from own party leaders.