My wife and I have Indian passports which expire within one year and we will be getting it re-issued duly applying to the local passport office. We however posses a valid multi-entry ten year VISA for visits to US the expiry date of which is much later (more than a year).We would like to know that in the event of our passport getting re-issued whether the existing VISA is valid till the date of its expiry as in the present passport or do we need to apply for fresh VISA. I am posing this question since I noticed in your column in “The Hindu” you have mentioned- “you cannot transfer a US visa from one passport to another - especially a lost VISA. If you have lost your passport and have received a new one you will need to apply for a new US VISA.” Please clarify.


That is correct – you cannot physically transfer a US visa from one passport to another. However, if you possess a valid visa in your old passport, you can still use the visa. Just carry both your old passport and your new passport with you to the port of entry. A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officer will determine how long you may remain in the United States. If you have lost your old passport containing a valid U.S. visa, you must apply for a new one. You should always report losing a valid U.S. visa to the Consulate.

I and my wife have been issued one year visa to USA in November last. We have visited US in July-August this year for six weeks. We had a thrilling experience and would love to visit once every year for four weeks to cover the entire US. Can our visas be extended without interview for 10 years?

A M S Raju

We're happy to hear you enjoyed your previous travel in the U.S. and want to visit again. Unfortunately, non-immigrant visas cannot be extended. If your visa expires, you must apply for a new visa. You must pay all appropriate fees, fill out the DS-160 form, and make an appointment for a visa interview at the Consulate General. While new visas are typically valid for 10 years, they may be issued for shorter time frames and there is no guarantee that a 10-year visa will be granted.

I have been working in the US since last four years and coming to India next month. I will require to get the H1 visa stamped on my passport. I looked at the website

html and under the section From You (or Your Working Family Member) I see the following documents Your license to practice your profession in the U.S.; original or certified copies of your complete academic credentials; evidence of previous work experience in the petitioned field; all previous passports, even if not used for travel; evidence of extension of legal status in the U.S.; If you were previously employed in the United States, your U.S. federal income tax returns and W-2 forms for those tax years; If you were previously employed in the United States, copies of all pay slips and monthly bank statements for the time you were employed; original marriage certificate and wedding photos. I am not sure if I am required to carry the bank statements and pay stubs for last 4 years or only current pay stubs. Can you please clarify?


As mentioned on our website, you should bring all of your bank statements, pay slips and tax returns for the entire time you were in the United States; in your case, for the past four years. These documents must be submitted in person to VFS four business days before your visa interview. If you are unable to submit the documents yourself, you may give written authorization to a friend, family member or colleague to submit the documents on your behalf.

I am working in reputed IT firm and for business requirement, company processed VISA. I got VISA and it came to our Office VISA desk and the person has lost it. We lodged FIR and got Missing certificate. So our company processed for new passport. Now I have new passport but no US VISA. How do I get the VISA as I already have VISA on my old passport? I checked with travel department and they asked for invitation letter from client which is not possible now. Can you please suggest me the procedure to get the VISA.

As we mentioned in our previous column, you must apply for a new visa. This includes filling out a DS-160 application, paying the appropriate fee, and scheduling an appointment through VFS. Please visit our website, for step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a visa. Bring the FIR report and a copy of your old passport and visa, if available, with you at the time of interview. You will need to explain what happened to your previous passport and visa to the Consular officer.