A 92-year-old Nigerian who was suffering from severe heart pumping dysfunction caused by blockages in two major arteries was given a fresh lease of life after a team of doctors including interventional cardiologists G. Anil Krishna, A. Sharath and M. Premchand operated on him at the Sunshine Hospitals here.

At a press conference here on Tuesday, Dr. Anil Krishna and Dr. Sharath said that several hospitals across India had not wanted to take a chance on the patient and it was at that stage that the Nigerian came to Sunshine Hospitals.

“Considering his age, the weak pumping of the heart and blocks caused by calcium hardening for over five years in the arteries, we decided against a by-pass surgery. Instead we went for the ‘Rotablation’ procedure and used a diamond burr that has 1.60 lakh revolutions a minute to remove the calcium,” Dr. Anil Krishna said.

Dr. A.V. Gurava Reddy, Managing Director said the multi-speciality hospital had 200 beds of which 20 were dedicated for trauma care and 40 for critical care. Every patient was assigned an individual patient care coordinator from admission till discharge. It had emerged as the second largest joint replacement center in South Asia, he said, adding that patients from Sri Lanka, Oman, Nigeria and several other nations found it ideal for their requirements.

  • ‘The patient, a Nigerian, was suffering from heart pumping disorder’

  • Three cardiologists perform the surgery at the Sunshine Hospitals

  • ‘The 92-year-old Nigerian was suffering with e heart pumping dysfunction caused by blockages in two major arteries’