Union Minister of State for Tourism K. Chiranjeevi has said that there is little or no chance of the Opposition going for a no-confidence motion in the State Assembly.

Answering queries of newsmen here on Wednesday, Mr. Chiranjeevi said, “there is nobody who has the guts.” The Opposition tried once and failed and there was no threat to the ‘magic figure’ even if they bring in a motion again, Mr. Chiranjeevi added.

Speaking at a function organised to lay the foundation stone for a housing project under the RAY, the Union Minister lashed out at the Telugu Desam and YSR Congress and expressed the confidence that the Congress would address the problems. The TDP’s promise to farmers that it would waive crop loans was a joke, he opined. Without naming N. Chandrababu Naidu, the Union Minister referred to his padayatra and recalled how 14 per cent interest was ‘squeezed’ out from farmers for crop loans.