There is no surplus in reservoir, says Botcha

Allays fears of farmers under the reservoir

Jindal will be supplied water from Polavaram project

VIZIANAGARAM: Minister for Housing Botcha Satyanarayana has refuted reports appearing in a section of the press that the Union Environment Ministry cleared supply of water through Thatipudi reservoir to Jindal Alumina refinery in S. Kota mandal. Allaying fears of farmers under the reservoir, the Minister told a press conference on Tuesday that the proposal in the website of the Union Ministry was made even before Jindal started the project and the government had an intention to supply water to the factory for industrial use either from Thatipudi or Raiwada or Chilakalagedda.

Opposition decried

He criticised the Opposition for making it an issue to gain political mileage. When it came for a discussion at the general body meeting of the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation a few months ago, it was stoutly opposed as there was no surplus water in Thatipudi reservoir, he recalled, and added that out of the 3,175 mcft of water, Visakhapatnam city was being supplied 643 mcft for drinking purpose and 1,818 mcft for irrigation. Some 640 mcft was being kept in the reserve and evaporation loss was put at 74 mcft. As there was no surplus water in the reservoir, the proposal of supplying for industrial use did not arise, the Minister said, and added that Jindal would be supplied water after completion of Polavaram project. ZP Chairman B. Appala Naidu and MLC (Teacher) G. Srinivasulu Naidu were present.